Friday, February 10, 2012

Jumpers, Rompers, Jumpers...and a Pencil Skirt!

When this particular style first exploded in the fashion world, I loved it instantly and as there are many patterns  available for these jumpers, I decided to sew as many as I six (6) might be sufficient. Just, I think... Well I also promised my four nieces that I would sew them each one for their birthday. (I hope for their sake I get the time to keep my promise :) )

I have seen quite a few reviews for this McCall 6083 on Pattern so I doubt that I would do one, especially as they were all really good reviews. I will say though, that there was one common adjustment that some persons made, that I am am really sorry I didn't.

Some reviewers added length to the bodice of the jumper, I neglected to do this as I believe I have a short torso. In the end, I really should have because I ended up having to add an inch after the jumper was completed to at least be able to wear my creation (which gave me a VERY visible double seam around the waist).

If you look closely you can see the double seam at the waist

I made a size 6 but I think next time I would sew size 8 or 10 for a little more "wiggle room". I also included 3/8" elastic around the leg so it would bunch at my knees.

Overall I really love this pattern, it is super easy to construct and turns out just as one would expect. There really aren't any surprises with this one.

The Pencil Skirt

When I first learned to sew, over 15 years ago, one of the first garments I constructed was a straight skirt using the block method of pattern drafting. What I learned then never left me, even though I probably only made a total of 4 straight skirts in my life, but then again I had an excellent teacher!

The skirt turned out pretty good, which boosted my confidence to undertake pattern drafting with more vigor than I had before. YAY ME!!!!

So until I write again, happy reading and thanks for stopping by!