Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Little Black Dress

McCALL'S 5972 Laura Ashley...A Review

What can I say about this pattern...hmmmm...It's simple, simple, simple and the fit is great. I bought this pattern cause I loved view C (that's the pink one) and desperately wanted to add it to my wardrobe, in the meantime though I also wanted a versatile black dress for which I decided to use this pattern. I sewed view A with minor alterations.

I cut size 10, which fit the way I liked. The dress pattern comes in four pieces, two for the back and two for the front (which means that there is a seam at the waist), which I didn't like because I would have to always wear the dress with a belt to get that polished look. So I joined my two back pattern pieces and the two front pattern pieces to eliminate the seam at the waist. 

I also moved the position of the zip from the side to the back, thus creating a seam there to allow for the slit opening at the hem.

The directions were really easy to follow, so easy that anyone can make a fabulous dress. 

I only lined the bodice area of the dress (no real reason, only that I was being lazy and looking for short cuts ). 

The fabric I used was a linen blend, which has some weight to it so it was an easy sew overall. I like the way the dress turned out however, I do prefer the zip to the side but I did not want the waist seam which facilitates the slit opening at the back so I had to compromise.

For sure I'm sewing this one again, it's a classic pattern. I don't think it would ever go out of style and of course I must sew view C...after all, that's the reason I purchased the pattern in the first place.

So until I write again, happy reading and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. It seems to fit well and comfortably, and it looks really nice!

  2. Great looking dress! The fit is very good.

  3. Very nice! Looks so RTW! And so elegant with the pearls too!

  4. I think we have similar taste in patterns. I LOVE this pattern and have yet to get to it and your GORGEOUS LBD is making me want to move it "on" up. Your dress is timeless and elegant and not to mention full of sophistication. You wear it well! Fantastic job! Love it!

    1. Yes I definitely would agree. I really love your creations. Thanks so much :)

  5. Love your version looks like the perfect fit. I love your pattern choices they all so great on you!

  6. What a gorgeous dress. Bravo! I have this pattern and I'm glad to hear it is an easy sew...ANd yes, I liked the pink version with ruffles on the envelope too.

  7. Very nice! Looks great on you! I like that you eliminated the waist seam- I would not have thought to do that. I will have to try that. Thank you, I really enjoy your blog.